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American. Kebab houses, ______________ Greek or Turkish Cypriots, are also very popular. People spend ______________ cooking now. An increasing number of people eat _____________ in the evenings. Convenience .meals are ________________ - all you have to do is ________________ in the microwave. I eat_____________, which I heat up in the microwave, a pocket of crisps, a Mars bar and probably a yogurt for my dinner. If there is Coke___________, then I drink that. Otherwise, I have_______________. I like to eat it _________________ in my room. About ____________ of British people are vegetarian. If you are vegetarian, eating out is ______________ in Britain because there are quite a few vegetarian restaurants. Unfortunately, there are very few _________________ who specialise in vegetarian cuisine, which means that most vegetarian food is_____________. 3.21 Расскажите о том, что едят русские. 3.22 Изложите свои представления о здоровом питании в небольшом сочинении. UNIT 4 BAD HABITS 4.1 Прочитайте текст и скажите, какие аргументы против курения вы находите наиболее убедительными. Расположите аргументы по степени их важности. You'd have to be living on Mars not to know that smoking is dangerous. Yet statistics show that young people today smoke more, not less. Why? One answer is that many teens think it cool. Another is the enormous sums of money invested in advertising cigarettes. Tobacco companies spend millions to encourage the young to start, or to continue, smoking. "The Marlboro Man", "Joe the Camel" and others do cool things and act important while smoking — just to get you to think that if you smoke this brand, you can do these things too. This isn't true. These people are not real and the things they do are made-up. 91 For tobacco companies cigarettes mean money. For us they mean disease and even death. Smoking kills about 3 million people every year. Some aren't even smokers. They are people who live or work with heavy smokers. If you think it cool, think again! Here are some sad, sad, sad facts about smoking. Your clothes and hair will have a terrible smell. Your teeth will turn yellow. You will have bad breath. Your hair and skin will become dry. You'll get premature wrinkles. Smokers store more fat around the waist. A smoker is 22 times more likely to die of lung cancer than a non- smoker. In fact, 30% of all cancer deaths are caused by smoking. Smoking causes-heart attacks. By the way, heart disease is now the number-one killer in Russia. Babies with mothers who smoke develop more slowly during childhood. Cigarette smoke clogs and makes lungs awfully dirty. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin or cocaine. Seven out of 10 smokers want to quit, but can't. Nicotine is not the only bad thing in cigarette, there are over 400 chemicals that are known to be harmful. Pregnant women (especially teenagers) who smoke will face a lot of pregnancy risks. They even may give birth to stillborn babies. Babies of women smokers are more likely to have mental disorders than babies of women non-smokers. Girls, cigarette packs leave no room in your purse for your compact and lipstick. You'll become richer. Cigarettes cost money. So think twice before lighting up that cigarette of yours! Words to remember: enormous огромный fat жир to invest инвестировать waist талия to advertise рекламировать lung cancer рак легких to encourage подстрекать, pregnant беременная brand марка to face сталкиваться made-up выдуманный, stillborn мертворожденный искусственный to clog засорять average средний to quit бросать smell запах pack пачка 92 bad breath дурной запах изо рта purse сумочка skin кожа compact компактная пудра to store накапливать lipstick губная помада to get you to think that чтобы убедить вас в том,что heavy smoker заядлый курильщик mental disorder психическое расстройство addictive вызывающий привыкание premature wrinkles преждевременные морщины 4.2 Вас просят принять участие в опросе общественного мнения. Напишите ответы на вопросы на отдельном листе бумаги. Имя указывать не обязательно. Public Opinion Poll Questions to smokers: 1. How long have you been smoking? 2. At what age did you try your first cigarette? 3. Did you first try smoking in a company of friends or being alone? 4. Do your parents and elder brothers or sisters smoke? 5. Do your parents approve of your smoking? 6. How many cigarettes a day do you smoke? How much money a week do you spend on cigarettes? 8. Do you feel that your health has become worse since you started smoking? 9. Do you want to give up smoking? 10. Do you believe you are able to give up smoking if you want? Questions to non-smokers: 1. Have you ever tried a cigarette? 2. Do you smoke from time to time or you never touch cigarettes? 3. Do your parents and elder brothers or sisters smoke? 4. Does your boyfriend (girlfriend) smoke? 5. Do you like your boyfriend (girlfriend) to smoke?/Will you mind if he (she) starts smoking? 6. Is there smoking in your home, at the place where you work or study? 7. Does smoke have any bad effect on you? 8. What is the main reason that stops you from smoking? 9. Do you think that smoking should be banned in public places? 10. Do you think it would be good to make tobacco illegal? 93 4.3 Объедините аргументы за и против запрета курения в общественных местах в таблице. For Against SHOULD SMOKING BE BANNED IN PUBLIC PLACES? Smokers in America sometimes feel as though war has been declared on them. There is no more smoking in offices, restaurants, airplanes or most other public places. But there are different points of view on the problem. Smoking is awful and I personally can't stick the smell. As for me, I wouldn't just ban smoking in public but I would ban it everywhere in every country. Lizzie (USA) I have friends who smoke. Sure, I don't want them to, but they do anyway. I don't think that banning it in public will work at all. People will do what they want when they want! Sergei (Russia) I think people should stop smoking because it gets young people into smoking and it's not good for the environment. Sharon (UK) I think that smoking should be banned in public because you are more likely to die of passive smoking than actual smoking! Linda (Sweden) As an asthmatic I strongly believe that smoking should be banned in public places. If smokers knew how asthmatics felt when they breathe in smoke many people would stop. Olga (Russia) What's all this fuss about? Perfumes also have bad effects on asthmatics. Should we ban the use of perfumes and air fresheners? Anna (France) 94 Smoking is not a crime. There are lots of things around us which do more harm to our health than cigarette smoke. Just look at all these cars with their smog and noise. Smoking is just one of those harmful things that make the life comfortable and pleasant. Sofia (Poland) Words: to ban запрещать to declare объявить (войну) can't stick the smell не выношу запаха to suffer страдать will power сила воли environment окружающая среда 4.4 Прочитайте текст. Догадайтесь о значении слов, выделенных курсивом. SHAMEFUL DRINKING TALES Blackout I woke up because something was digging in my face. As soon as I opened my eyes my head started hurting, everything was really bright. When my eyes got used to the daylight I found that I had been lying face down in a car park. I have no idea for how long or how the hell I got there. I remember going to a party with friends the night before but I really cannot remember anything else at all. I picked myself up and wiped off bits of gravel that had stuck to my face. I had to wander round in the freezing cold for a while to get my bearings. I was in a car park on the other side of town. I wanted to get a taxi back home but I couldn't find my wallet or keys anywhere. I eventually made it home by walking and phoned my friends who told me that they had said goodbye to me at 11 the night before and that I was pretty well plastered. What happened to me between then and waking up in the car park is a mystery. Jim, aged 18. I’ll never touch it again I know this might sound dumb but I'll never touch alcohol again. The party was over and on the way home I was showing off to some of the girls with us by walking along a wall. I don't think they were very impressed so I decided to knock their socks off by doing a handstand on the wall. I think they were even less impressed when I slipped off the 95 wall breaking may arm in two places. The booze that had made me act like a prat did nothing to hide the pain, or worse the shame. Ben, aged 17. Слова для запоминания blackout провал памяти to get one's bearings to dig (dug) зд. вонзаться, сориентироваться врезаться wallet бумажник to get used to привыкать eventually в конце концов how the hell как, черт mystery тайна, загадка возьми dumb глупый to pick oneself up подняться to show off красоваться, to wipe off вытирать, рисоваться стирать wall зд. барьер, ограда gravel гравий to be impressed поражен to stick (stuck) прилипнуть handstand стойка на руках to wander бродить to slip off соскользнуть freezing cold леденящий shame стыд холод 4.5 Проанализируйте временные формы глаголов в тексте. 4.6 Ниже излагаются события ночной вечеринки. Организуйте их в хронологическом порядке, чтобы получился связанный рассказ. 1. It's all rubbish because the real Sara ended up sitting on the toilet floor. 2. I had a glass of wine with ice and left it at that but Sara just kept drinking more and more. 3. It was a terrible sight. 4. We returned home only in the morning. I’d rather not tell you what my dad said... 5. My friend Sara and I went to that huge New Year party. 6. I made her drink lots of water, washed her (which was extremely difficult), wrapped her in a clean towel and lay her on the sofa, with a bucket on the floor. 7. She told me that she felt more relaxed and that she could be the real Sara after a few drinks. 8. She was sick all over her beautiful red dress. Mary, aged 16. 96 Words: kept drinking продолжала пить rubbish чепуха, ерунда to be sick тошнить, рвать sight вид extremely крайне, чрезвычайно to wrap завернуть, укутать 4.7 Научитесь использовать следующие речевые образцы. 1. Sarah kept drinking. Сара продолжала пить. Keep doing smth Продолжать делать ч-л. Переведите. 1. Я был, очевидно, прав, но она продолжала настаивать. 2. Цены продолжали расти. 3. Она все время плачет. 4. Продолжайте изучать английский. 5. Я по-прежнему думаю о ней. 2. I made her drink lots of water. Я заставила ее выпить много воды. Make smb do smth Заставлять к-л. делать ч-л. Переведите. 1. Алкоголь заставил меня сделать много глупостей. 2. Как ты заставляешь эту машину работать? 3. Что заставило тебя сделать это? 4. Ее рассказ довел меня до слез. 5. Если ты не сделаешь этого по доброй воле, я тебя заставлю. 6. Ее заставили ждать целый час. 4.8 Составьте диалоги между: • Mary and her friend Sarah the next morning after New Year party; • Jim who has just got home and his friends (on the phone); • Ben and one of the girls from his company who he met some days later. 4.9 Вам предстоит прочитать текст KEEPING FIT. Перед чтением убедитесь, что вы знаете значения следующих глаголов и употребите их в собственных предложениях. to suffer to improve to avoid to benefit from to protect against 97 4.10 Несколько предложений были удалены из текста. Прочитайте и восстановите текст. A Walking is a very popular activity too. B Many sports activities have become part of daily Russian life. C First of all it is necessary to do exercises. D Unfortunately, many people do not take enough exercise to keep themselves healthy. E A healthy body becomes a fashion, an ideal of the life of today. 4.11 Переведите фразы, выделенные курсивом на русский язык. KEEPING FIT Everybody wants to live a long healthy life. Unfortunately, now it has become a dream. Because of the contaminated environment people suffer a lot of diseases. And the best way to be healthy is to do sports. Doing exercises is the best way to avoid depression caused by the abnormal rhythm of the contemporary city life. The fitness boom of the past decades led to a big rise in the numbers of people participating in sports and activities. For anyone who really wants to be healthy, fitness has become an integral part of their lives. There are many opportunities for keeping fit. 1_________________________________________________________P eople of different ages can design exercises that will fit them. Running, jumping, swimming, bending and stretching are among the most popular exercises. Many people prefer jogging, which is the cheapest and the most accessible sport. 2_________________________________________________________I n order to keep fit some people do aerobics or yoga; others prefer some kind of weight training in a gym. People can easily learn more about fitness through popular books and videos that are sold almost everywhere. 3_________________________________________________________E ven moderate physical activity can protect against heart disease and strokes as well as improve general health and the quality of life. Everyone can benefit from being a little more active. Making small changes like using the stairs instead of the lift or walking or cycling instead of taking the bus can help people live a more active, healthier and enjoyable life. 98 4_____________________________________________________ Football has always been the most popular sport among boys. Playing football is healthy; football also brings people close because in order to win people have to work as a team. Bicycling is very popular in Russia. Skiing, skating, fishing and hunting are wide spread in our country. In summer many people like to go to the bank of the river on a hot day to swim. Another activity that is popular in our country is roller-skating. 5_________________________________________________________A ccording to the statistics nowadays 60 percent of men and 91 percent of women are below activity levels necessary for a fit and healthy life. Many men and women are overweight. 4.12 Вам предстоит прослушать рассказ FITNESS. Пред прослушиванием: 1 Назовите как можно больше видов спорта по- английски. 2 Употребите play, go, или do со следующими видами спорта. ______ snowboarding, ________ aerobics, ________ volleyball, _________fishing, ________golf, ________jogging, _________ basketball, _________ football, ________yoga, __________ mountain biking, _________skiing, _________ skating, _________ swimming Послушайте, что рассказывают Мэри, Джени и Томас о своем отношении к спорту и заполните таблицу. Mary Jenny Thomas 1 Which sport/ activity do they do? 2 How often do they do it? 3 Where do they do it? 4 What equipment and clothes do they need? 5 Are they good at it? Расскажите о своем отношении к спорту и здоровому образу жизни. 99 PART 5 NATIONAL CHARACTER Unit 1 The British 1.1 Проверьте свои знания культуры Великобритании, выполнив этот тест. 1. The capital of Northern Ireland is ____________ a) Dublin b) Cardiff c) Belfast 2. The British flag is called _______________ a) the Union Jack b) the Stars and Stripes c) the Maple Leaf 3. The kilt is ____________ a) a shirt b) a skirt c) a pair of trousers 4. The mysterious Loch Ness Monster is from ___________ a) Wales b) Ireland c) Scotland 5. British kings and queens are crowned at ______________ a) Westminster Abbey b) St Paul’s Cathedral c) Buckingham Palace 6. Madam Tussaud’s is a museum of ____________ a) wax figures b) western paintings c) ancient coins 7. The tower of London was started by __________________ a) Julius Caesar b) William the Conqueror c) Henry VIII 8. The Beatles started their career in ______________ a) London b) Liverpool c) Birmingham 9. British football fans ________________ a) are the most indifferent fans in the world b) are very reserved c) have a very bad reputation in Europe for their behaviour 10. Big Ben is ___________ a) the clock tower b) the clock c) the largest bell at the top of the tower 100

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